(Good) Housekeeping

In an attempt to not ‘go dark’ while working on a double header, I offer a quick update on a few things:

1. We have a new theme. Why? Boredom. I got tired of looking at Pilcrow after 100+ posts so a change seemed warranted.

2. I’ve taken a literary tack in recent posts and those scribblings have garnered more attention than anything I ever write about marketing does. For the literary crowd, the next couple of installments are going to be focused on social science and marketing. That’s the way it works around here; AHC is a blender coupled to a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, a recommendation that I hope is useful. You may know I’m the cook chez AHC. And I follow the same vacuum and blender approach in the kitchen as I do in my work. I’ve subscribed to Saveur magazine for years and kept my sub up even though recent editorial changes have made it more a lifestyle book than a food one.

Well, the most recent issue (#150, October 2011) remedies all that. The 101 Classic Recipes remind me of why I cook and inspire me to keep at it. Pick up the issue, it’s a great supplement to any collection of cookbooks.


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