Coming Soon: Music, Music, Music

Experimentation is a key tenet here at AHC. So we’ll be undertaking an experiment to get more music into the blog.

My original intent with this space was to dwell on just a few things I thought I knew something about. Hence, the tagline. But I’m a tad ADHD and always reading so printed matter has come to dominate. I fear that won’t change.

Then there’s the challenge of writing about music. I can talk about it for hours. A long unheard song–good or bad– can unleash a soliloquy. Arguments about the merits of particular bands or albums can get downright hair splitting, especially when fueled by beer. A blank screen elicits no such response even with music playing in the background, as it almost always is.

But in teasing a friend on Facebook I discovered a way around that blank screen. Post videos. That could get tiresome even with the most eloquent commentary. But Spotify helps vary the format so some songs and images have a shot at remaining distinct.

The plan is to list songs in small numbers by theme. I toyed with the idea of a dozen but that could play out too quickly. And themes present their own challenge even though I grew up with them on WNEW-FM and WXPN continues the practice. Maybe we’ll shoot for six packs.

Anyway I look forward to hearing what you have to say or suggest.


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