Alabama Getaway

Like many another Irishman my spectator sport of choice is politics. So I could not let the results of yesterday’s special election for US Senator in Alabama go unremarked upon.

I’m reasonably certain the usual media channels will undertake what passes for analysis. So I’m going to actually confine myself to some obvious things that nonetheless need saying.

As a reminder, I’m registered as an Independent, was educated by Red Diaper babies and have a strong libertarian streak. So I carry water for neither of the major parties.

Doug Jones
The next US Senator from the great state of Alabama.

For my Democratic friends relishing this victory I’d caution against gloating and reading too much into a unique situation.

Please remember,  this win was the result of the hard, glamour-free work of retail politics combined with a fatally flawed opponent. For me, the real heroes of yesterday are the voters of Alabama who demonstrated  that the people can still be trusted with the most important role in our messed up democracy.

I’d also suggest, if the Democratic Party believes they can hold this seat, that they give up the ridiculous no-compromise stances they take, as does the GOP, on their pet issues. There are 50 states and you need to win in all of them or else risk being a regional party that needs to change the rules to win.

Politics is compromise and compromise is not an evil thing in and of itself. All battles are not Armageddon. A lot of thought ought to be given to how to avoid putting Senator Jones in a position where he becomes, in 2020, a footnote in the history of Alabama politics.

Judge Roy Moore
A guy who’s returned too many times to be written off as gone.

For my Republican friends, I’d offer  the same thought I offered to your competitors last year: the sky is not falling. You do, however, have a serious problem residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One of the great, enshrined-in-song jokes in 1776, the bicentennial musical, was that John Adams was “obnoxious and disliked.” So evident was this belief that even the Adams character did not disagree with it. Your titular leader remains blissfully unaware that it is even a possibility. I’d also suggest the same thing I said about compromise above holds true for Republicans.

I do feel better, though, about the health of our Republic.


What the heck, here’s the song from 1776 with William Daniels in the role of John Adams.





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