What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

The Year in  Music:  The Titular Playlist

It’s time for the annual listing of the songs from which I borrowed my post titles. A mixtape fiend back in the  C-90 era, I have once again  provided a Spotify playlist. I’m publishing a day earlier than usual so you have a soundtrack as you prep for the big night out.

If you’re a reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of what you’ve found here. If my scribbling has introduced you to a book or idea then I’ve succeeded.

I hope you enjoy the music. Here’s to better things in 2018.

  1. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, Black Uhuru, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1980)
  2. Solitary Man, Neil Diamond, The Feel of Neil Diamond (1966)
  3. Sowing on the Mountain—The Flatlanders, Hills and Valleys (2009)
  4. Lies Lies Lies—The Thompson Twins, Side Kicks (1983)
  5. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead—Ella Fitzgerald, The Harold Arlen Songbook (1961)
  6. Dig That Jazz Band Ball—Susannah McCorkle, The Songs of Johnny Mercer (1982)
  7. Money Go ‘Round —Style Council, Introducing the Style Council (1983)
  8. For What It’s Worth—Buffalo Springfield, 7″ SIngle (1967)
  9. Ball of Confusion—The Temptations, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1970)
  10. The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)—Grateful Dead, Self-Titled (1967)
  11. Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby—Emmylou Harris, Allison Krause & Gillian Welch, O Brother, Where Art Thou OST (2000)
  12. Psycho Killer-Talking Heads ‘77 (1977)
  13. Sex Without Stress, Au Pairs, Sense and Sensuality (1982)
  14. I Am Woman—Helen Reddy, I Don’t Know How to Love Him (1971)
  15. In Every Dream Home a Nightmare—The Joe Jackson Band, Beat Crazy (1980)
  16. Summertime—DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Homebase (1991)
  17. The Boy in the Bubble—Paul Simon, Graceland (1985)
  18. Save the Children—Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On? (1971)
  19. Sultans of Swing—Dire Straits, Self-titled, (1978)
  20. Subterranean Homesick Blues—Bob Dylan, Bringing it all Back Home (1965)
  21. A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today—Merle Haggard, A Working Man Can’y Get Nowhere Today (1977)
  22. Already Gone—The Eagles, On the Border (1979)
  23. Sue Me, Sue You Blues—George Harrison, Living in the Material World (1973)
  24. Them Belly Full—Bob Marley, Love (1975)
  25. Angel from Montgomery—Bonnie Raitt, Streetlights (1974)
  26. Vigilante Man—Hindu Love Gods, Self-titled (1990)
  27. Livin’ in a Fool’s Paradise-The Blasters, Hard Line (1982)
  28. Heigh Ho Heigh Ho—The Dwarf Chous, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves OST (1937)
  29. Losing My Religion—R.E.M., Out of Time(1987)
  30. If I Had a Rocket Launcher—Bruce Cockburn, Stealing Fire (1984)
  31. The Impossible Dream—Richard Kiley, Man of la Mancha OCR (1965)
  32. The Republic—Gang of Four, Solid Gold (1981)
  33. Just Who Is the Five O’Clock Hero—The Jam, The Gift (1982)
  34. Goin’ Up the Country—Canned Heat,  Living the Blues (1968)
  35. School Days—Chuck Berry, 7″ Single (1957)
  36. Age of Consent—New Order, Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)
  37. The Logical Song—Supertramp, Breakfast in America (1979)
  38. Night and Day—Frank Sinatra,  Sinatra and Strings (1962)
  39. Alabama Getaway—Grateful Dead, Go to Heaven (1980)
  40. Zombie—The Cranberries, No Need to Argue (1994)
  41. Washington Bullets—The Clash, Sandanista (1980)
  42. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve—Nancy Wilson , Yesterday’s Loves Songs, Today’s Blues (1963)

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