Rock the Vote

On the cusp of the 2018 election

I’m very good at miscalculating. So it’s not surprising that with a reawakened client, an assignment to grade, a midterm to draft and too many long books in progress that I’m short a post.

So this week I’ll keep it brief. In the United States we will vote in a new Congress. Whatever your policy views, it’s important to be part of the process and, if you are registered or can still register, vote.

It’s too easy to be cynical. My own politics are too complicated for bumper stickers and many years my ballot resembles a stumbling drunk just after closing.

But I vote because it’s the heart of the American experiment: the demos, the people, exercising their collective rights and obligations , and in doing that becoming the polis.

The below video says it better than I can, even if you are tempted to write it off because you dislike who’s in it. I showed it to my class after I discovered that in 2012 Election Day was the same as this year. I hope you are energized, too.


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