I’m Losing Friends, I’m Losing Face

Midsummer 2021

If I’m unable to finish a book I ought to at least prove I keep reading.

What better brain food for a Sunday morning, then, than a sociological take on just what’s going on with folks refusing COVID19 vaccination? Even better, what if it’s written in plain English, without the theoretical framework and jargon that can have you throwing a book across the room before you’ve even gotten to the evidence or the argument?

I may have to read more by Brooke Harrington. You needn’t read anything but this article which, I think, may help stir your thinking. I’ll admit, if you are steadfastly refusing vaccination you will not enjoy being labeled a “mark.” But if you’re wondering what’s up with the folks who are refusing, reading this article may help.

Harrington’s argument is rooted in symbolic interactionism, a notion we’ve encountered before. That makes sense. All we hear about is polarization and group identity. Symbols are important tools in self and group identification. And she references Erving Goffman, one of the big names in that school, although he’s hard to pigeon hole. We’ve encountered him, too.

Read Harrington’s article here:




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