It’s All in the Game

Super Bowl Sunday 2022

Something tells me I shouldn’t ignore our secular mid-winter national holiday. But like almost everyone else, I’ve got to prep for the party!

Since the stove beckons, I’ll limit myself to one simple thought. Sports sort of serve as a metaphor and metaphors serve as almost a Gregg shorthand for things we ought to not overlook.

Maybe, then, we can remember that the teams play the best they can. The fans root for the team they support. And if the game lives up to the playoff season, we all move on either elated or deflated but without rancor.

Despite my demonstrated ability to always root for the losing team, the lad made me engage in the ritual of choosing. Because I once spent a long feverish night in a Cincinnati hotel room, my misery punctuated by the cascading roars of fans enjoying their home team at play, we’re backing the Bengals.

If you’re a Rams fan, enjoy the game!



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