Get Your Habit in Your Hand

Just Before Halloween 2022

Like many marketing professionals, I’ve collected all sorts of verbal flotsam over the decades. After all, you never can tell when you’ll need a reasonable-sounding bromide or impossible-to-source statistic to derail a discussion that’s gotten out of hand.

Here’s one of the latter: habits take three weeks to establish but far less time to destroy. By that standard, on a rolling two-to-three-week basis, I’ve spent much of the past six months destroying years of virtuous activity. To the extent that regularly posting here possesses any virtue, that destruction includes this space.

The reading hasn’t stopped. The writing hasn’t stopped, either, although it’s been directed towards ends eleemosynary and academic. As always, self-doubt abounds despite the fact that my charitable efforts reach thousands and persuade hundreds to act. What comes next seems a perennial question and I can’t help thinking I’d have an easier time if I stopped reading the blogs of writers more concise, literate and informative than I am. (Drop a comment if you want an example or two.)

Let’s see if reestablishing a habit is possible.



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