What’ll I Do?

The Year in Music: The Titular Playlist

Lately, I seem to be making a lot of excuses.  Many starts, few finishes. A lack of sticktoitiveness that may eventually call my birthright citizenship into question.

I could attribute this lassitude (it’s not quite yet sloth) to many things. But such musings seem to beckon me to a darker place I’m not in the mood to visit. Despite today’s Arctic temperatures, I think it’s important to acknowledge the good fortune I have. We all have struggles. And we all have blessings. It’s important to remember that and be as kind as we can to one another.

In the spirit of kindness, or completeness, or at least not-breaking-a streak-ness, the least I can do is wrap up, as I usually do, with a playlist drawn from the year’s post titles. I hope I’ve cast a wide enough net to include a song you already you like or a tune you didn’t know that catches your fancy. Paul Simon lamented songs that voices never share. I feel the same way about music in general, so I hope you find some pleasure in it.

Happy Listening! Have a great New Year!

  1. Redemption Song-Bob Markey and the Wailers, 1980
  2. I’m Gonna Go Fishin’–Ella Fitzgerald, 1962
  3. Who Invented These Lists–Little Man Tate, 2006
  4. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother–The Hollies, 1969
  5. My Spine is the Bassline*–Shriekback, 1983
  6. It’s All in the Game–Freddy Fender, 1991
  7. I Had a Real Good Mother and Father–Gillian Welch, 2003
  8. Madman Across the Water–Elton John, 1971
  9. Secret Life–The Corrs, 1996
  10. Something Ain’t Right–David Byrne, 1992
  11. Van Damien’s Land–U2, 1988
  12. We Can Be Together–Jefferson Airplane, 1969
  13. Only a Memory–The Smithereens, 1988
  14. Lady With a Fan–Grateful Dead, 1977
  15. A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today–Merle Haggard, 1977
  16. You Give Love a Bad Name–Bon Jovi, 1986
  17. Summer Cannibals–Patti Smith, 1996
  18. Man Out of Time–Elvis Costello & The Attractions, 1982
  19. Spy–They Might Be Giants, 1994
  20. If You Haven’t Any Hay–Skip James, 1931
  21. Paradise City–Guns ‘N’ Roses, 1987
  22. Never Say Never–Romeo Void, 1981
  23. Tear My Still House Down–Gillian Welch, 1996
  24. What’ll I Do?–The Nat King Cole Trio, 1947

* For some irritating contractual reason, the early studio recordings of Shriekback do not appear on Spotify. I’ve spared you the pale, live imitation from later years. It’s worth hearing the original if you can find it.



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