“Phooey, I say. Phooey on all white shoe college boys who edit their literary magazines. Give me an honest con man any day.”

Zachary Martin Glass, better known as Zooey, should have been J.D. Salinger’s most widely known and loved character. Sadly he’s overshadowed by Holden Caufield the same way Dean Moriarity overshadows Gerard. We can’t change that. We can celebrate Zooey’s disdain for elites. And we will while celebrating the odd things that cross the transom and catch our fancy.

I’ve been told the web does not lend itself to long-form reading and writing. Consider this, then, an experiment in disproving that hypothesis. Reading and writing are ordered thought. They require more than 140 words or characters. Or so we shall attempt to demonstrate.

_MG_8255Your host on this excursion: I’m Tim McCreight and, depending on your point of view, I’m either a marketing guy who wants to be a professor or a would-be-professor masquerading as a marketing guy. Mostly an autodidact, by education I’m a social science researcher and analyst. By training and avocation I’m a quantitative marketer. By inclination I have a demonstrated ability to find flaws in arguments, especially ones utilizing data. I’ve been told I have a distinct voice and mode of expression.

Obligatory Disclaimer: This blog is a personal endeavor. The opinions expressed herein are not endorsed by any organization the author may have a professional or working relationship with. Books and music referred to on the blog are purchased with my own hard earned-cash or come from my local public library.

Got a bone to pick? I encourage you to post on the site. But if you absolutely must give me a piece of your mind in a more personal way I can be reached at anhonestcon@gmail.com.

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  1. Tim. Nice to discover your site. I came across it while looking up Oliver Sacks and read your review. Like you I love music and musing and I look forward to exploring your work.

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