When the Sun Goes Down on Austin Town

whole-foods-market-logo-2008My cognitive dissonance meter started to peg about the time I reached the fish counter.

In Austin, Texas for a conference (working, not attending), and a retail marketer from way back, I had to visit the flagship store of Whole Foods, the behemoth ($14.2 BB in 2014 annual revenue) organic grocery chain that calls that burg home. I’m glad I did if only to have had an experience that Continue reading


Max and Me in Minneapolis

Last week I was in Minneapolis  without a car. By necessity (I was on a pre-conference site visit) I stayed close to the convention center. Social interactions were scheduled and constrained by how far I could walk. Consequently my impressions are limited;  let’s call it drive-by-ethnography.

Minneapolis’ Nicollet Mall

A native New Yorker,  prone to regional chauvinism,  I’ve always enjoyed visiting the cities of the Midwest. When my first marriage was falling apart it was relatively easy for me to manufacture a meeting in Madison and flee the Continue reading