That Ain’t no Ghost

Reading in the Dark
Seamus Deane

Some years back I worked with a woman who hailed from Mississippi. A talented engineer who would tackle advanced math the way you might the dishes, she was also a walking encyclopedia of regional folkways. Among these was the delightful phrase, “Haints is real y’all.”

I’ve a lot of sympathy for that belief. Continue reading


Not in our Stars, But in Ourselves

A Star Called Henry
Roddy Doyle

a star called henryIt’s possible that Roddy Doyle is the finest Irish writer of his generation.

That’s a huge statement and one I’m in no real position to support. Nonetheless, I stand by it because Doyle never disappoints and progresses even as he sticks by his knitting. And his knitting is largely the Irish working classes of the 20th century.

While his name may be unfamiliar you may have unwittingly encountered his work. The Commitments, Alan Parker‘s 1991 Continue reading