Come on in my Kitchen

LoomisIn a French Kitchen:
Tales and Traditions of Everyday Cooking in France

Susan Hermann Loomis

A modest proposal : let’s make a simple one-word tweak to the national motto of France. Henceforth let us speak of liberté, égalité, pâtisserie

I suppose, though, that if push came to shove I’d be willing to restrict the use to cookbooks and slice-of-life tales. Or, as is the case with Susan Loomis’ book, titles that are both at the same time.

Publishing, as I’ve said repeatedly, is a for-profit business although publishers might Continue reading


Attention Fairway Shoppers (and Olive Oil Lovers)

Food is a matter of great interest in the AHC household and evidently quite a few others.  So today we’ll do something a little different and try to let you all in on a great olive oil bargain.

First, though, some background. Before  the era of ‘it’s all good’ (which is also the era of it’s all the same) there was such a thing as variation. In New York that extended to neighborhoods. I  never lived above 24th Continue reading