Was Clapton Ever Really God?

Clapton MarsalisThe legendary London graffito of the early 1960s had it that ‘Clapton is God.’ What if the scribblers were wrong?

That’s the thought that went through my head as I finally got around to listening to ‘Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play the Blues Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center.’ This 2011 release is Continue reading


The Road Goes on Forever

Lost Highway: Journeys & Arrivals of American Musicians
Peter Guralnick

Lost_HighwayMy capacity for self-torture appears limitless.

Why else would I spend the scant time I have available for reading with an author whose work I am on record as finding less than pleasurable? The answer is unsatisfying: I bought the book and felt compelled to read it. No more, no less but no free pass for having a predisposition against the author.

Peter Guralnick is best known for his two-volume biography of Elvis Presley. In reality, though, he’s been writing about popular music for about as long as it’s Continue reading