Dreamin’ When I Wrote This

The Best American Essays 2000
Alan Lightman, Guest Editor; Robert Atwan, Series Editor

It’s time to close out the last millennium.

For many people, the arrival of the year 2000 began with celebrating. I spent it on a couch, exhausted from driving hundred-mile circles, redistributing, in safe spaces leant me by kind souls, randomly selected bits and pieces of a life I was about to leave behind, a life I’d worked hard Continue reading


Get These Thinking Blues

The Best American Essays 1998
Cynthia Ozick Guest Editor; Robert Atwan, Series Editor

Once upon a time, there was a plan. To be fair, there’s almost always a plan, most of which are discarded. Were they tangible, they’d rival the stacks of unread books.

There’s even an instance of a plan resulting in stacks of unread books. Well, part of a plan. And part of a stack.

But I assure you, it was one of my grander ones. I’d Continue reading