All in the Family

Haven in a Heartless World: The Family Besieged
Christopher Lasch

Lately I’ve been thinking about feedback loops. I first encountered the concept in amplifier design. In that case you literally siphon off some output and direct it back to the input. If you do it right and the feedback is positive the result is a stronger, clearer signal.

Over in the Social Sciences building there’s quite a bit of feedback studying going on. Economists talk about signalling in both contract theory and, for the Austrian school, pricing. Either way you look at it, Continue reading


An all too common problem: faulty logic presented as reasoned thought

Ryan Mack, at Content to Commerce, attempts to address what he calls “the real reason behind its [social media’s] rapid growth.” Let me be fair before I get critical, Mack positions this at the outset as the turn of a casual discussion. And perhaps it was. The post, though, attempts to bring in the voice of authority and so opens itself to some dissection.

Where Mack ultimately heads with this post is to suggest that the growth lies in basic human needs. And to define those needs he drags out two big names: Continue reading