The Dark Deniers

The Boys of Summer
Roger Kahn
A Review in the Re-Read Series

In the Spring of 1975 or 1976,  I can’t narrow it any further, Sister Margaret Lucille Gallagher conveyed one of those thoughts that haunt you for the rest of your life. As I recall it the class was given time for an assignment and, it being Spring and the class being aged 12 or 13,  as my classmates completed their work levity and hijinks ensued.

Except for one of the girls in the glass, I don’t exactly remember which girl. She picked up a book.

And for her trouble, she became the poster child for not wasting the precious gift of the limited time we are given on earth. As I recall, the lesson was succinct: “You’ll never get another April 18, 197X.  Rose [a pseudonym] isn’t wasting her time.”

So re-reading has always presented a challenge. Are literature professors wasting their time? And even if they aren’t, time spent on a re-read is time not spent reading something new. This is the kind of thing that could tie me up in knots if I let it. Luckily I embrace the anarchic and so let my attention Continue reading