She’s Leaving Home

The Awakening
Kate Chopin

My ongoing dialog  with the Tao te Ching has convinced me of one thing: the universe sends us messages and we’d be foolish not to listen.

Consequently, when a hardcover edition of Kate Chopin‘s most celebrated work fell into my hands soon after I’d terminally misplaced my just-set-aside-for-a moment Continue reading

I Go to Opera and Stay Wide Awake

Snobbery: The American Version
Joseph Epstein

snobberyI fancy myself a radical egalitarian.  I’m also a horrible snob.

Thankfully Joseph Epstein has delivered 251 extremely readable pages that have convinced me my otherwise finely tuned radar for cognitive dissonance does not have a dead spot. Snobbery, I think Epsetin would say, is Continue reading