What’s in a Name?

mortarboardIt’s graduation season and so the chattering classes have taken their annual turn towards dissecting what’s right and wrong with the American educational system. This year, as it has for a while, the subject of choice has been the cost of a college education and whether it is worth it.

I have refrained from addressing the cost issues of college head on. Readers Continue reading


There they go again (superlatives, elitism and failure)

The way the process works around here is this: I read lots of different things in no particular order and follow up on whatever catches my eye. Not a system that I would recommend to anyone else but it serves my short(er) attention span and auto-didactic nature. Typically I run behind.

So I just finished the Nov. 29, (2010) issue of The New Yorker in which appears John Cassidy’s fine piece, What Good Is Wall Street? The sub-head alone–Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless–is worth the price of the Continue reading