Follow-up: The Ackroyd Julia Child Parody

What the heck, those of us of a certain age will remember seeing  this live. It’s pretty pitch perfect.

Click on Dan to see the full skit on Hulu.

Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child, circa 1978 or 79


Julie, Julie, Julie

My Life in France
Julia Child

A book about or by a cook is not a cookbook, even if it includes the occasional recipe.

I think the logic of that statement is irrefutable. At least enough so that I once again sneaked past the cookbook waivers imposed by my wife.  I honestly would not have sought this particular volume out if it hadn’t fallen off the remainder rack at a deep discount because I’m sort of viscerally opposed to movie tie-in editions. As you can see, this printing gives you both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams with the added bonus of Nora Ephron‘s name. It’s enough to make me cringe.

True confession: I saw the  movie, chick flick that it is.  My ostensible reason was to see an old Continue reading