Lunch All by Yourself

Brooking Dissent: The To-Do Over David Brooks’
Latest Column

Allow me to start with a confession: I don’t eat sushi and I am addicted to American cheese. I know, I know, American cheese isn’t even properly cheese. It’s cheese food, whatever that means.

Why does this matter? Because such small Continue reading


Boom Boom Boom Boom

Boom_CrashBeyond Boom and Crash
Robert Heilbroner

We live in the age of CNBC and the Fox Business Network. That might, if my grasp of history was a bit less shaky, lead me to wonder when someone was going to get around to saying,”Of course we do, America means business. ” But someone already did.

Today I’m reaching back to the mainstream of the recent past. That would be 35  to 40 years ago, just before we started down the current path, when things looked just a little Continue reading

How Much is Enough?

too_manyLong before it took on a prurient overtone the word fetish had a useful role in the English language. Because what it really means is to take on too much importance.

How that came to be limited to pain, impractical underwear and the boudoir is anyone’s guess. But what brought me back to the earlier meaning was a simple question: can you own too much music?

The question may not even make sense to people younger than 30. The ones I Continue reading