Could Spark Up Nostalgia

FramptonFrampton Comes Alive 
Peter Frampton
Originally Released: 1976

More than a few decades back it seemed like every high school-aged white kid in America was issued the same five albums. On Long Island, there was a bonus sixth record.

I owned most of them but even if you didn’t you couldn’t escape. None of us could and in certain precincts of the FM dial you still Continue reading


A Musical Discursion

the use of words to exchange thoughts and ideas

DiscourseThe Internet doesn’t always lend itself to discourse so when I find a reasonable interlocutor I think it’s only right to acknowledge that. If I’ve done my detective work correctly, Steve Carr Continue reading

The Musical Magus Speaks

Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page
Brad Tolinski

page bookIn 1978 or so a classmate, Bobby P., had it all: a late-model Trans Am with Cragar  wheels and a cranking sound system powering Jensen tri-axial speakers. The music Bobby blared–what was then called hard rock– featured a healthy proportion of Led Zeppelin and has never gone away even as its audience has literally gone to pot–twice.

Well, the still-living Zeps are approaching 70 and it’s time for a bit of hagiography to set Continue reading