Let Me Take a Ride

Echo Park
Michael Connelly

Here’s a puzzle I have no intention of solving: the dust jacket of my copy of this book bears a discounted price label from Barnes & Noble. No surprise, I regularly prowl the remainder bins and Sales Annex looking for bargains.

What’s surprising is that the book itself has all the markings of a library volume–acquisition date stamp, ‘property of’ stamp, even an indication it has been Continue reading


Some Son of a Bitch Would Die

The Black Box
Michael Connelly

My newly identified problem with crime fiction may start right here.

Even as I wrote that sentence I realized it wasn’t fair. There’s another candidate in the running, but I’m nowhere near feeling certain about it. In this case, though, I know my exasperation led me to set the book aside for Continue reading

Oh Mickey You’re So Fine

The Reversal
Michael Connelly

reversalHere’s my crime fiction trifecta: Los Angeles, murder and an Irish Catholic writer. There’s something about the City of Angels and writers raised in such self-identified ethnic homes that makes for an entertaining read.

At least for me and at least when the writer is James M. Cain.

Or Michael Connelly. Continue reading

A Little Light Reading

The Lincoln Lawyer
Michael Connelly

lincoln-lawyerBack in high school, when I worked at the local public library, the head librarian told me that the most popular category in the place was mysteries. People, I was told, tended to read through everything by a mystery writer they liked. Consequently you found yourself shelving lots of books by certain authors.

The detective story was arguably invented by Edgar Allen Poe. But the modern form was established by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. All  the elements came together there–the smarter- Continue reading