Goin’ Up the Country

How Right You Are, Jeeves
P.G. Wodehouse

Applesauce. Until now it hadn’t occurred to me that this seasonal comestible could function as a curse word.

That’s why Wodehouse can fill a couple of library shelves and I…well, you can figure that next bit out for yourself. It helps, of course, that he has the perfect delivery Continue reading


And the Women Wicky-Wacky Woo

Very Good, Jeeves
P.G. Wodehouse

“Back in Nagasaki
Where the fellers chew tobaccy
And the women wicky-wacky

VeryGoodJeevesThat bit of doggerel is the chorus of a hit song from 1928 penned by Harry Warren and Mort Dixon. It’s good to know that despite Dylan, not to mention Gershwin, Hart and Mercer,  there’s been almost no progress made in the lyrical sophistication required of a hit.

That’s a long-winded way to get to today’s subject, a collection of tales featuring the only man in literature to embrace such a tune. (Although it really is a great song if you like the 32-bar  form. I recommend the Quintette of the Hot Club of France version with the Continue reading