Turning Rebellion Into Money

Has it Come to This?
Rolling Stone’s 40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time


The streetscape that defined an era. You can’t go back again. East 14th Street at 3rd Avenue, I think. Photo (c) Ann Sanfedele and borrowed from Jeremiah Moss’s inspired blog ‘Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York’ with apologies. Click the shot to visit this fabulous site.

The first kid I knew who listened to punk rock was Danny Perlowitz. I have a distinct memory of him in 1978 bouncing on the balls of his feet, clad in a leather jacket that never came off and blue jeans, making his way through a crowded high school Continue reading


I Read It (in the Rolling Stone)

The Rolling Stone Interviews
Jann S. Wenner and Joe Levy, Editors

RS_InterviewsI distinctly remember what killed my dreams of blue collar glory. It wasn’t a ticket or a robbery or any of the other hazards one encountered driving a hack. It was being too brain dead to read anything more than James Michener‘s Centennial–and taking two months to reread what had taken two weeks the first time. The decision to seek asylum where I could nourish my mind was inevitable and easy, as such things always are.

All that came flooding back in the past month  as a string of 14-hour plus days with an extra helping of stress drove me to the lamest form of reading: the transcribed interview. This is the second post in a row where I’ve Continue reading