Another Zyman? Yes!

I love dichotomies. Black/white, buyer/non-buyer, responded/did not respond. You can argue that such categorizing is an oversimplifcation of reality. And you might be right.

The defining question of my marketing career has been, “What are we getting for the money?” I first heard it in the mid-1980s as the most junior member of a corporate ad team. After all the talk of impressions and rating points and reach and frequency and the Continue reading


Talent and Vendors: A Response to Seth Godin

I want to expand on a discussion I joined yesterday on LinkedIn. A colleague shared a link to a post on Seth Godin’s blog entitled Talent and Vendors. The subject ought to be near and dear to anyone who works with designers, writers, illustrators or any of the other folks who create marketing campaigns.

Here’s how Godin starts: Continue reading