Is the Social Network Really just a Social Utility?

What a difference an IPO makes.

Tuesday brought news that 80% of Facebook users have never made a purchase because of an ad or comment on the site. This is just the latest bit of news to tarnish the once-golden site of our time. As part of the IPO process we learned about the anemic revenues generated per user. The same poll that showed lack of buying indicated users were spending less time on the site. And we’d already seen that males were spending their online time elsewhere.

Can it all just be sour grapes?

Well, maybe. But I think what’s really going on is something that’s been seen before, namely the maturing of a channel or technology. Continue reading


Redirected on a Sunday Morning–Thoughts on Technology and Revolution

I opened the laptop because as I sat sipping coffee a recently finished but still unreviewed tome sat taunting me. But on the way here I got sidetracked by Matthew Ingram’s post on Malcolm Gladwell still not getting the role of social media and activism. Readers, if there are any, know that I’m skeptical about Continue reading

An all too common problem: faulty logic presented as reasoned thought

Ryan Mack, at Content to Commerce, attempts to address what he calls “the real reason behind its [social media’s] rapid growth.” Let me be fair before I get critical, Mack positions this at the outset as the turn of a casual discussion. And perhaps it was. The post, though, attempts to bring in the voice of authority and so opens itself to some dissection.

Where Mack ultimately heads with this post is to suggest that the growth lies in basic human needs. And to define those needs he drags out two big names: Continue reading