I Go to Opera and Stay Wide Awake

Snobbery: The American Version
Joseph Epstein

snobberyI fancy myself a radical egalitarian.  I’m also a horrible snob.

Thankfully Joseph Epstein has delivered 251 extremely readable pages that have convinced me my otherwise finely tuned radar for cognitive dissonance does not have a dead spot. Snobbery, I think Epsetin would say, is Continue reading


Food Again

My friend Vivian, a very accomplished and talented cook, once agreed with the statement that more than loving to cook she loved to eat. Since I’m the guy who made the observation I obviously concur. But if you read my post about James McWilliams and the, for lack of a better term, politics of food you know I have serious reservations about the whole foodie thing.

Now comes a funny little piece in the May issue of The Atlantic in  which Megan McArdle looks at what’s going on with high-end kitchenware. Let me be fair, this is first person reportage not scholarship. Among the reported facts are Continue reading