We Live in a Political World

Twitter, Impeachment. and Primaries 

When I went missing, I didn’t exactly go dormant. Instead, I found myself in that most time-consuming sector of the “internets, Twitter.

I’m fascinated by Twitter. The ‘culture’ of the Internet continues to strike me as a hotbed of Golden State-utopianism. There’s a reason one of the web’s earliest and most consistent proponents also appears at the Continue reading


Back to Business

Don’t fight the tape is an old Wall Street maxim that embodies some real wisdom. You really can get in a jam if you insist on ignoring a trend that has a life of its own. And that’s as true off the Street as on, maybe more so. Today our subject is a hopeful development–the deflating, however slowly, of the social media bubble.

Yes, I did say hopeful and I chose that word purposefully even as I suspect it will irk some Continue reading

Can we really tweet ourselves to a better place?

Sometimes you just need to get out of the office to catch up even if you are at the end of more electronic tethers than you can count. So what have I been catching up on while traipsing back and forth to DC? Why the silly debate between Biz Stone and Malcom Gladwell of course.

Gladwell went first with a piece in the first October issue of The New Yorker about the dubiousness of the idea that social media are a key driver of social change. Not to be outdone, The Atlantic–seemingly always intent on trying to Continue reading