Wandering Early and Late

Here we go, again

No, that’s not me pictured at right, but it pretty much sums up my recent state of being.  A path beckoning. Family close at hand. The year withering.

I actually take great solace at this time of year. Despite the sinking temperatures and paucity of daylight, there’s something Continue reading


Hey, Baby, It’s the Fourth of July: A Six Pack and Playlist

Flag stampDespite myself, I am terribly sentimental about the Fourth of July. Without disrespecting anyplace else, it’s a singular privilege to live in this grand, glorious mess of a nation which is still, as far as I know, the only one built on an idea.

There are two things that make at least this American proud. One is the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics when after watching nation after homogeneous nation march by the US contingent rolls in, a fabulous mosaic of all the types of people who are just like the rest of us (only faster or stronger or more coordinated, it is the Olympics after all). The other is in the music this Continue reading

The Duchamp of Pop

Chronicles: Volume One
Bob Dylan

Chronicles Vol. 1Sometimes it’s simple.

I’ve written before about the laxity with which generational cohorts are bandied about. Demographically a Baby Boomer, there’s no better evidence of my good standing in Generation X than my willingness, need even, to tear down the ridiculous heroes of the generation that ruined America.

Front and center is Robert Allen Zimmerman, the Marcel Duchamp of pop music. Lest you think that’s a Continue reading