Bordeaux. Napa. Toledo?

Getting beyond our depth is what we do at AHC because  no matter how hard I work my opinions will always outnumber the subjects I’m qualified to speak to. So proceed at your own risk because today we venture into the minefield of viniculture.

I’m the cook here at the Stone Cottage. That means I am also the sommelier. My training amounts to having drunken lots of wine over the past three decades and remembering what I like. In other words, I’m a trained professional.

Wednesday past, a work at home day, Mrs. AHC suggested stir fry for dinner. Foodies and chefs will tell you there are three great cuisines and you should master one. Self-trained fry cook that I  am, most of what I do is based on bistro cooking.

But to say I know anything about cooking Chinese is an insult to the one billion plus Chinese on the planet. What I know how to do is raid the Continue reading


Billions Ain’t Brains

The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine
Benjamin Wallace

Disease, delerium and death and the year has barely begun.  Maybe the Mayans were right.

My absence explained I turn to a complaint: why is the WordPress app for the iPad so bad? Honestly, I find myself drafting in Evernote and finishing on a desktop or laptop because too many things have gotten lost. Someone ought to focus on that rather than endlessly developing themes.

Which brings me to one of those lost posts. I lived in Manhattan during the last decade and a half of the Continue reading